Does paintless dent removal really work?

Yes, Reverse a Dent  is a highly effective method of removing dents that uses a specialized board that casts a reflective pattern across the damaged area of a vehicle. By using lines as a point of reference while gaining access behind a damaged panel, we then utilize state-of-the-art tools to gently, yet effectively, massage the damaged area to remove the dent without disturbing the finish.

How long will it take?

Reverse a Dent is much quicker than traditional body work. In most cases, repairs can be made in the time that it takes to get an oil change.

Will the repair damage my paint?

No, Reverse a Dent does not damage factory or custom finishes on vehicles.

I have a leased car with a couple of dents, can you help me?

Some dents are considered to be normal wear and tear as part of a lease agreement and others aren’t. Please contact Reverse A Dent to receive a free assessment.